Having a drink with friends is awesome, and working with a hangover can be pretty sweet too. However, alcohol breath is the bane of many drinker’s life for more reasons than just one. Imagine this; you get to work after a good night out with friends. You feel completely sober, and all the outward signs of late drunkenness have revelry faded, only for a boozy belch to rise from deep within you, delivering the stench of the bottle in the office, and the boss is mad at you. So, it’s better to know how to get rid of alcohol breath.

Alcohol shots

Alcohol breath is not only embarrassing and annoying, but it can taint your image and reputation, cause unnecessary cause for concern, and can affect the way your performance is evaluated. You could be sober, but if you still have the booze breath, you’re good as “still drunk” to the people around you.

Before we highlight on some of the effective ways you can use to get rid of alcohol breath fast, either by eliminating or by camouflaging the smell of alcohol on breath, let’s address the common cause alcohol breath.

Causes of alcohol breath

Causes of alcohol breath

For a start, most alcoholic beverages have an odor. This is the first and obvious reason for alcohol breath. The simple reason is that what you consume lingers in your body for a while, whether it’s coffee, cola or alcohol. So if you drink beer, you’re definitely going to reek beer. You don’t need to know if you have bad breath after a few bottles of beer, because you definitely have bad mouth odour!

But that is not the alcohol breath most people talk about since that “breath” is short-lived and only lingers for a while. The real alcohol breath is more of internal in nature and hard to get rid of, as other reasons for stinky breath from the stomach.

Look, according to Science Net Links (http://sciencenetlinks.com/interactives/alcohol/ebook/pages/digestive-system.htm) alcohol is not digested like other foods it’s absorbed. Also, alcohol is treated as a toxin by the body, so it tries to convert alcohol to a less harmful chemical. According to MyDr (http://www.mydr.com.au/gastrointestinal-health/liver-and-alcohol-breakdown ), the liver metabolizes 90% of the alcohol and converts it to acetic acid, which is released through the respiratory system and sweat. This is what accounts for the bad odor associated with indulgence with alcohol.

Why is it hard to get rid of alcohol breath?

Getting rid of alcohol breath

Metabolism of alcohol takes place in your lungs, and there’re no mints or washers for your lungs. Also, since alcohol is excreted through sweat coming from your pore, meaning someone can literally smell alcohol, without you even smelling their breath.

But what is that smell the morning after drinking? Well, alcohols dries your mouth and overindulging can cause real dryness. Without saliva in your mouth, you create a conducive environment for the bacteria to thrive in, which later give the terrible breath. This can be compounded by not brushing your teeth before going to bed.
The good thing about bad breath in children is that they don’t have such a cause🙂

Effective methods to get rid of alcohol breath

Brushing teeth to get rid of alcohol breath

Getting rid of stinky breath is never easy. We shall discuss some of the effective methods that you can use to get rid of the stench breath.

  • Drink lots of water

Alcohol is a diuretic. What this means is that alcohol suppresses the release of Anti-diuretic Hormone (ADH), which allows your kidneys to return water to the bloodstream. Aside from suppressing reabsorption of water, alcohol suppresses the production of saliva and dries your mouth. And the drier your mouth, the more conducive for odor-causing bacteria to thrive.

Drinking lots of water will help you stay hydrated and avoid a dry mouth.

  • Eat before or while drinking

Eating during drinking might seem a little absurd, but can help in reducing alcohol breath. Besides absorbing some of the alcohol, snacks like peanuts, popcorn, and other munchies also stimulates the production of saliva, which can prevent bad odor.

  • Chew flavored gums

According to American Dental Association (http://www.ada.org/en/science-research/ada-seal-of-acceptance/product-category-information/chewing-gum?_ga=2.80062740.2028392150.1511422458-679622756.1511422458), chewing gum is the quickest way to get rid of the alcohol breath. When you chew, especially sour-flavored and mint-flavored gums, you not only cover up your breath, but the gums can boost the production of saliva, which can rinse away acids and bacteria and any odor-causing properties they might have. Look at our TOP-5 best gums for stinky breath for more details.

  • Try onion and garlic

There’s nothing worse than smelling garlicky first thing in the morning…but wait, there’s, alcohol breath. As much as choosing onions and garlic feels like choose a lesser of the two evils, highly aromatic foods can override your alcohol breath and can stay for long in your mouth. Garlic, in particular, has two major benefits; it covers for the alcohol breath, and not many people would want to hang too long around someone smelling garlic, which is exactly what you want, right?

You do not have to eat raw garlic; you can order Garlic-infused items, such as garlic fries or garlic bread, are often popular bar items.

  • Brush your teeth

It goes without saying that proper dental hygiene can significantly reduce your alcohol odor. Strong smelling toothpaste, such as those containing menthol can do a superb job of covering your alcohol breath.

Brushing teeth also helps in removing alcohol residues and alcohol-soaked food out of your mouth, which can contribute to alcohol breath. It also helps combatting other kinds of bad breath such as gum disease bad breath.

  • Use a mouthwash

After brushing your teeth, gargle and rinse your mouth with mouthwash. Most of the mouthwashes have a minty scent, which can cover for your alcohol breath.

  • Take a shower

Alcohol breath does not only manifest through your breath, but also on your skin, through your skin pore. Therefore, having a shower can help in reducing the alcohol odor. When cleaning up pay attention to your body, and if possible, you can use scented soaps and body shampoos.

Preventing alcohol breath

Cure alcohol breath

In as much as the above tips can be used as remedies for curing alcohol breath, you can prevent the breath from occurring in the first place. Below, we look at how we can prevent alcohol breath.

  • Drink in moderation

As opposed to binge drinking, drinking in moderation can lessen the smell of alcohol. Try to stick to a few bottles per sitting. Binging is does not only result in bad odor, but it can also cause harmful health effects.

  • Avoid mixing drinks

Different alcohol brands have different odors, and mixing the drinks can only aggravate the overall odor. Stick to your favorite brand/drink for the night.

  • Have simple drinks

Mixed drinks, which contain herbs and spices, have a stronger odour, compared to simple drinks such as beer, wines, and liquor.


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