Bad Breath: Could A Tongue Scraper Help?

If you have struggled with bad breath all your life, you might be in a desperate need to find the best and the most effective solution for it. One device that can help get rid of bad breath is a tongue scraper. But then again, does it really work?

What are they?

Tongue scrapers are small spatula-like devices that come in different sizes and shapes. You can easily buy these from pharmacies and health stores. They are primarily created to eliminate bad breath that is caused by bacterial formation in the mouth.

How is it used?

A tongue scraper is meant to be placed at the back of the tongue and then brought forward to remove all unwanted elements along with it. It is designed to literally scrape off the white dots in your tongue. These white dots are bacteria that cause bad breath.

Do dentists recommend it?

Tongue scrapers are considered as one of the self-care solutions for bad breath or halitosis. You can buy it from stores and you won’t need any prescription for it. Your dentist may recommend its use. You are also free to ask your dentist more about it.

How effective is it?

Bad Breath Tongue Scraper The research behind a tongue scraper’s effectiveness when it comes to addressing bad breath is limited. The use of these devices can be compared to the effects of brushing your tongue with a regular toothbrush. However, the effect of a tongue scraper when it comes to eliminating bad breath is better than using a toothbrush.

Does it provide lasting results?

Unfortunately, tongue scrapers can’t guarantee a permanent solution to bad breath. It may eliminate bad breath but it can’t help it from coming back at a later time. Anyway, when that happens, all you have to do is to use the tongue scraper again to give yourself a fresher breath.

Is it worth trying?

When it comes to finding a solution for bad breath, anything is worth trying. Besides, a tongue scraper is not a drug that may produce side effects. It is very safe to try. See for yourself if the temporary effect of this device is good enough for you. It is a good alternative to gums and mints, especially if you can’t use them as a breath freshener.

How can the effects of the tongue scraper maximized?

If you want maximum protection against bad breath, it is important that you strictly follow oral hygiene. You should make it a habit to brush your teeth after every meal. Flossing at least once daily is going to help a lot too. Drink adequate amounts of water, preferably more than the required eight glasses a day. Water is very effective in cleansing your mouth. See your dentist regularly for checkups.

What if the problem doesn’t go away?

If the problem persists even after using a tongue scraper, it is best that you consult with a dentist to recommend a better solution to halitosis. Let the health expert diagnose the root cause of bad breath. It may be due to factors other than the formation of bacteria in your mouth. You could have some teeth and gum infections. Or worse, you might be suffering from an undiagnosed health condition that needs to be treated immediately. Problems with your lungs, kidney, and stomach may lead to halitosis as well.

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