Bad Breath in Kids: How Do You Handle It?

Is your kid suffering from chronic bad breath? Then as the parent, you have to find ways to address the problem. While adults may be tolerant enough to just leave the group if they get a whiff of bad breath from somebody, children do it differently. Children would utterly show their annoyance and discomfort if another child suffering from bad breath start talking.

Don’t let your child go through emotional and social strains in their early years. You have to be the first to know about this problem and be on top of it.If you think that your child is suffering from chronic bad breath, better take your child to the dentist right away to determine the root cause of the problem and get some treatment as well.

However, kids are naturally afraid of dentists. This is because they always think that dentists are going to extract their tooth painfully on each visit.

You have to make your kid realize that he has a breath problem that both of you need to address. Talk to your child in a level that he would understand most. Paint a good picture of a dentist in his mind. If he already has negative thoughts about them, slowly erase them with your comforting words and your assuring presence.

Kids And Bad Breath If your child understands the emotional and social implications of having bad breath, he or she would act against it. However, the regular visit to the dentist is not enough to fight off bad breath. You should also make sure that your child follow good oral hygiene at all times.

Buy your son or daughter a toothbrush that’s perfect for his tiny teeth. Choose the one with soft bristles so their gums won’t get hurt. There are toothpastes for kids as well. If your child doesn‘t want to brush their teeth just because it’s too strong, get the flavored ones instead. You might also want to brush your teeth along with your kids, to make it more fun for them and for you to be sure that they’re keeping to their healthy habits all the times.

Certain foods may trigger bad breath in kids. Ask for a complete list from your dentist. And make it a point to never prepare meals containing them. If you really have to, use them as ingredients in extreme moderation. Examples would be garlic, onions and cheese.

Dialogue is important. Whenever your child comes home feeling embarrassed because of his breath, tell him that it is only a temporary condition and that both of you are working to get it treated.
Don’t put your child’s spirit down further by nagging him about forgetting to brush his teeth or not flossing everyday.
Make your child realize that bad breath is a common occurrence and unfortunately, it developed on him. Only then you can remind him lovingly of the things he has to do to combat bad breath. And more particularly, follow the instructions of his dentist.

Keep in mind that children with a healthy set of teeth as maintained by their dentists are not likely to have bad breath. And those with doting mothers who see to it that their kids are clean inside and out have lower chances of developing bad breath at anytime.

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