Bad Breath. Quick Fixes in Tight Situations

Are you in the middle of a meeting or a party when suddenly you felt that your breath isn’t fresh anymore? Well you’ve got to fix that problem fast or you’ll be facing total embarrassment. Unless you can zip your mouth closed throughout the event, you have got to find a way to freshen your breath right then and there so you won’t feel humiliated.


Here are some effective tips that can help you get rid of halitosis instantly:


  1. Chew some mint, candy or gum.

If you want instant relief to bad breath, always keep a stick of gum in your pocket or bag. Use it for emergency situations such as these. Whenever you feel that your breath isn’t fresh and you need to talk to somebody up close, it pays to pop a candy in your mouth before speaking. You may just be masking bad breath this way but it is going to boost your confidence a lot. Just make sure that you take out the candy or gum before talking to somebody or he or she may find it impolite.


  1. Drink a glass of water.

Water can temporarily cleanse your mouth. As such, you will enjoy a wave of fresh breath. This is perfect if you have to suddenly speak in front of a group on a short notice. Take a sip of water regularly whenever you feel your mouth is going dry. Dry mouths are conducive to bad breath because that’s when bacteria start to proliferate. If you can get a hold of some lemon or lime, squeeze some into your drinking water to fully cover up your breath’s odor.

  1. The parsley on your dish can help.

If you’re in the middle of dinner and have forgotten to bring some chewing gum on your way, you can use the parsley on your pasta to freshen up your breath. Inadvertently take an herb or two to the bathroom and chew on it. Just make sure that there are no green flecks left on your teeth before going back.


  1. Use a spoon to scrape your tongue.

If you had forgotten to bring a tongue scraper with you, a simple spoon could help. However, you can’t scrape your tongue in front of anybody. You have to sneak the spoon into the bathroom and do it there. Look for white spots in your tongue and use the spoon to remove them. Your breath will be fresher naturally.


  1. Rinse your mouth.

Whenever you leave for the bathroom, try to rinse your mouth with water. Regular rinsing will make your breath fresh. You can also wipe your teeth with a clean tissue. This is something you can do if you don’t have a toothbrush to clean your teeth.


  1. Have some whiskey.

If you’re in a bar and you met somebody there, you can freshen up your breath with a shot of whiskey. Whiskey contains ingredients that can kill germs present on the teeth. It can also mask bad odors. Just don’t drink too much. No one would want to talk to somebody who smells like drunk.

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