Can stomatitis be treated with brilliant green

Stomatitis is one of the diseases, the cause of which is difficult to establish. The answer to the question of whether stomatitis can be treated with brilliant green worries many. Extensive information about the nature of stomatitis can be obtained only after a comprehensive examination of the patient. On the issue of treating an ailment with the help of greenbacks, there are different opinions.

Stomatitis problem

The manifestation of the disease

Doctors strongly recommend a comprehensive examination, for which tests should be taken. Treatment after diagnosis is prescribed by the doctor to each patient individually.

In this case, it is necessary to combine the prescribed treatment with available folk remedies that contribute to recovery. They are not dangerous, as they are made from natural raw materials.

Stomatitis affects the oral cavity, the mucous membrane of which becomes red and swollen, ulcers appear on it. Children often suffer from stomatitis. Some people use Zelenka to treat it, although more modern drugs are recommended for use today.

Someone who has experienced the manifestations of this unpleasant disease, sometimes wonders: is it possible to smear green sores formed ulcers, the appearance of which indicates stomatitis?

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How is the disease treated

The manifestation of stomatitisTreatment with brilliant green gives the result only when sores are poured on the skin of the face. Stomatitis on the face affects the area around the lips and in the corners of the mouth. Lubricating sore spots on the face with zelenka, you can achieve a quick recovery.

It is not recommended to treat the oral cavity with green. In addition, this drug when used in the oral cavity leads to drying of the delicate and sensitive mucosa.

When treating stomatitis, it is not advisable to use greenback for one simple reason. On the one hand, this remedy really contributes to the destruction of bacteria and microbes, but on the other hand, its use can lead to burns of the mucosa, which will lead to increased pain and further development of the disease.

Stomatitis involves multiple sores on the oral mucosa. The disease begins with inflammation of one plaque and within a short time covers the tongue, palate, lips and cheeks. Mostly children suffer from stomatitis. Kids, getting to know everything new, take various objects and toys into their mouths, tasting them. At the same time, at this age, children's immunity is not yet able to provide protection against infections.

The treatment of the disease should be comprehensive: taking antibiotics, irrigating the oral cavity with antiseptic solutions, lubricating the diseased surface with painkillers. For the disinfection and drainage of pustules, many use brilliant green. She lubricates sore spots no more than three times a day.

With stomatitis, as a rule, the temperature rises to 39 ° C, and the patient refuses to eat, since when chewing food he experiences pain. Small vesicles appear on the mucous membrane and tongue, filled with pus or anemia, which erupt and form wounds and pustules.

The harm of greenbacks in the treatment of stomatitisStomatitis is characterized by the appearance of pustules on the surface of the mucous membrane, which are covered with a grayish-white coating (aphthous form).

This is the most common type, which is noted in 80% of cases. Infection occurs by airborne droplets or by contact. The disease comes unexpectedly: the child begins to be capricious, he has weakness and apathy, the temperature rises, sometimes reaching 40 ° C. Typical signs are also increased salivation, chapped lips, dry mouth, and sores on the lips.

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Traumatic stomatitis

This form of stomatitis occurs after a mucosal injury. It can be a wound from a sharp toy or a tooth, a scratch from a cracker, feeding through force or an incorrect bite.

Symptoms in this case are similar: red swollen mucous membrane and fever. Blisters appear on the mucous membrane of the oral cavity, filled with pus or bloody fluid. At the same time, the child has a very unpleasant odor from his mouth.

If stomatitis is found in one of the family members, it is necessary to take measures to exclude infection of other relatives.

How to determine that a child has stomatitis? The disease develops rapidly: the baby is naughty, cries for no reason, sleeps poorly, constantly pushes fingers in his mouth, does not eat, refuses his beloved nipple. Sometimes fever, diarrhea and vomiting are noted.

Dentist consultation for stomatitisAt the same time, modern mothers think about whether it is possible to carry out treatment with the help of greenery. It is known that earlier zelenka was often used to treat the oral cavity in children with stomatitis. However, take your time to follow this advice. The only possible use of brilliant green for stomatitis is to lubricate the affected areas only on the surface of the skin, and not in the mouth!

Modern doctors have a negative attitude to this method of treating stomatitis. Water-based Zelenka does not bring a positive result, and a solution of alcohol will burn the oral cavity. Therefore, preference should be given to modern medicines. They not only give a good therapeutic effect, but also do not carry any danger to a child of any age. Treatment of the oral cavity with brilliant green will bring the baby only unpleasant and painful sensations.

In the room where the child is kept all the time, it is often necessary to do wet cleaning with the use of disinfectants, to air the room several times a day. It is necessary to wash toys with laundry soap. A sick child needs to allocate separate dishes and a personal towel for the face and hands.

Water your baby more often with warm water, as drinking plenty of fluids removes toxins from the body. If the baby refuses food, do not force him to eat by force. Just try to reduce the number of feedings.

Eating porridge with stomatitisTo reduce the risk of stomatitis in a child, it is important to observe basic hygiene rules:

  • keep the apartment clean and tidy;
  • carry out wet cleaning regularly;
  • systematically process toys, bottles and nipples with boiling water.

By following these simple tips, you can avoid the disease.

On the street, the yard game sandbox, public toys can become a source of infection.

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Treatment of stomatitis in infants

The child should be temporarily isolated from other children and adults, so that the family can not become infected from a sick baby. In the room you need to maintain order. The child should receive warm liquid food and plenty of sugar-free drink. Before breastfeeding, thoroughly wash your breasts with warm water without soap. After feeding the baby, it is necessary to lay it on a barrel and irrigate the oral cavity from a special spray bottle with a therapeutic agent, sprinkling it on both cheeks. After irrigation, lubricate the mouth with an ointment prescribed by a doctor.

Important tips:

  1. Before starting treatment, consult your dentist.
  2. Do not use iodine, an alcoholic solution of brilliant green, or other solutions based on undiluted alcohol, as its high concentration will cause a burn.
  3. Avoid spicy, salty, and hot foods. It is better to give preference to warm vegetable puree, porridges, grated with finely chopped meat, chicken, fish.

It is strictly forbidden to smear pustules with brilliant green!

Treatment of wounds with brilliant green pains the baby, as burns are difficult to heal on the baby’s delicate and thin mucosa.

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