Essential Vitamins for Bad Breath to Combat Halitosis

Vitamins for Bad Breath

Previously, halitosis was commonly associated with poor dental health-to many, failure to brush, scrape your tongue and floss your teeth was the cause of your halitosis.

However, recent development in the healthcare domain has suggested that bad breath can still occur even with proper dental hygiene. For instance, health experts agree that halitosis can be caused by an overgrowth of bacteria, digestive issues, chronic infections such as ulcers and an array of physical conditions such as sinuses, and post-nasal drip.

How Vitamins Help with Bad Breath

Similarly, the inkling that there may be a link between bad breath and nutrition has tremendously grown and placed more emphasis on healthier lifestyles and preventive medicine.

Many health experts now believe that bad breath can be addressed by having a healthy diet, more specifically on the right vitamins and nutrients, and engaging in an active lifestyle.

If this approach is religiously followed, it`s quite handy, in not only alleviating halitosis, but also the underlying causes of fetid breath such as post nasal drip, and an array of factors that contribute to the bad breath. Logically, then, vitamins or bad breath makes a lot of sense.

Aside from proper nutrition, you should understand that the body`s defense system also plays a crucial role in bad breath, and boosting your immune system is a sure way to resolve halitosis. Therefore, the ideal combination of minerals and vitamins from our food will include those that will not only assist in curbing the root of halitosis but also support our immune systems, many of which are one and the same.

So, which are some of the vitamins that we need to take to eliminate bad breath from our lives forever? Below, we look at the top five vitamins that can help in combating bad breath.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C for Bad Breath

Vitamin C is an apparent choice for fighting bad breath all day, anytime. According to Medical News Today, deficiency of vitamin C is known to cause periodontal infections, with the most common ones being gingivitis and scurvy.

Both diseases are known to destroy gums and have a disparaging upshot on the oral tissues, which sets up the perfect environments for the proliferation of odor-causing bacteria.

The antioxidation property of vitamin C means that the vitamin is effective in destroying the free radicals in the mouth and tissue cells, which are responsible for the bad breath. In the same breath, the vitamin kills anaerobic-cavity causing bacteria, thereby preventing oral infections and halitosis.

Additionally, this vitamin is handy in the removal of harmful toxins and mucus, which would otherwise contribute the bad breath.

Vitamin C is not only responsible for removing bad breath, but also prevents the appearance of canker sore and other oral wounds. This property makes the vitamin even more instrumental to the active smokers.

Some of the common sources of vitamin C include fruits such as oranges, lemons, citruses, mangoes, berries, and spinach.

You can never go wrong with Vitamin C; the vitamin is not only vital in addressing bad breath but also great at strengthening the immune system, healing wounds, boosting iron absorption and improving your general health. Be sure to experience an array of benefits from this vitamin.

Vitamin B

Vitamin B for Bad Breath

Another vital vitamin that helps in curbing bad breath is vitamin B. The main role of vitamin B is improving the food digestion process, which, consequently provides our bodies with the much-needed energy.

According to Patient Information, deficiency in vitamin B translates to indigestion or malabsorption, which can lead to internal bad breath, due to the decay of food in the stomach.

Secondly, inadequate amounts of Vitamin B mean that there`s insufficient energy for the body to produce enzymes responsible for food digestion, which further exacerbates the bad breath. This is partly caused by the accumulation of toxins in the blood because of the low energy state of the body`s processes.

The lack of vitamin B complexes such as B2, B6, and B9 has also been shown to cause bad breath. These complexes are known to produce enzymes that are integral in fighting against odor-causing bacteria.

According to Amazing Wellness Magazine, when 50mg of niacin (vitamin B3) is taken as part of a B-complex supplement daily, it can help in eliminating the occurrence of bad breath.

Vitamin B can be sourced from foods such as eggs, lamb, beef, cheeses and from different kinds of seafood such as crabs, octopus, crab, lobsters, and caviar.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D for Bad Breath

Small Intestine Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO) is a leading cause of internal bad breath. While our gut system has trillions of bacteria, an overgrowth of the same bacteria can result in bad breath due to the overproduction of digestive gases.

To avoid such a scene, vitamin D helps in inhibiting the bacterial overgrowth, both in the mouth and in the digestive tract, thus preventing plaque buildup of bacteria and bad breath. In a summary, it creates a hostile environment or an inhospitable environment for bacteria growth.

Common sources of vitamin D include fatty fish such as tuna, salmon, and mackerel, dairy products, beef liver, cheese and egg yolks.

Vitamin A

Vitamin A for Bad Breath

Vitamin A acts as a curative remedy to the oral injuries caused by periodontal infections or abscessed teeth. This vitamin is essential for infection control and healing of the mouth tissues.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E for Bad Breath

According to Therabreath, while vitamin E is vital for keeping the entire of our body systems in top working conditions, it can also help in targeting bad breath since it encourages the growth of healthy cells.

According to some unfounded facts, Vitamin E boosts the immune system allowing you to fend off the odor-causing bacteria, Additionally, it keeps the mouth moist, which helps in freshening up the mouth for a better, cleaner and minty breath.

Some of the common sources of vitamin E include; sunflower seeds, almond, cooked spinach, safflower and canned pumpkin.




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