Herpetic stomatitis in children: treatment

Herpetic stomatitis treatment for children in which doctors allocate a sufficiently long period of time, on average, occurs in every tenth baby. The reasons for this may be a great many, however, figuring out what exactly provoked the disease is not so important. The most important thing is to start treatment on time so that the infection does not spread throughout the body.

The problem of herpetic stomatitis

Classic treatments

Herpetic stomatitis is an infectious disease transmitted by airborne droplets or by contact with an infected object. Most often, it manifests itself in the formation of small sores in the oral cavity, an increase in the baby's body temperature and an increase in the viscosity of his saliva. It is simply impossible for parents to not notice this disease, however, it is strongly not recommended to treat the baby on their own. Only a doctor can prescribe the correct complex of treatment, covering all the symptoms of the disease and stopping them! It is impossible to get by with pills or just one treatment method. Everything should be carried out in a complex, and then the result will not be long in coming.

To cure herpetic stomatitis in a child, it is necessary:

Oak bark for stomatitis

  1. Rinse. In order for the bubbles formed in the oral cavity to disappear as soon as possible, the affected areas should be constantly treated with antiseptic agents. However, infants who also have stomatitis cannot carry out such procedures on their own. In such circumstances, parents should take up the matter. You can treat the oral cavity with cotton swabs, which must first be dipped in an antiseptic solution. Such a procedure should be carried out at least 5 times a day!
  2. Anesthetize affected areas. The appearance of ulcers is a huge stress for children, because such a phenomenon causes them severe pain! The kid becomes moody, often even refuses food! In order not to further aggravate the situation, an anesthetic drug can be injected into the oral cavity, which instantly relieves pain. But, what is especially important, the doctor should choose the appropriate drug only!
  3. Conduct antiviral therapy. Mouth sores are a direct causative agent of the disease, which, under favorable conditions, can continue to multiply. In order to prevent this from happening, they must be treated not only with antiseptic, but also with antiviral drugs, which not only kill the infection, but also accelerate the healing process.

Herpetic stomatitis is an unpleasant, but completely harmless disease for a child’s life. In order to deal with it, parents will have to make a lot of efforts and, most importantly, have patience, because during the treatment period the baby will be more capricious than ever.

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Alternative treatment methods – good or bad

In order to speed up the healing process, parents may well resort to quite effective methods of traditional medicine, which can enhance the effect of the medications prescribed by the doctor. It should immediately be noted that alternative methods of treatment should be classified as auxiliary, but in no case replace the traditional treatment. You can resort to such methods of treatment only after the approval of the attending physician is received, who in any case will be responsible for the recovery of the child.

If a positive answer is received, you can pay attention to a fairly effective way to relieve inflammation – apply raw potatoes grated on a fine grater to the affected area.

Of course, this procedure can be called very laborious, especially for parents of infants, but a positive result will be noticeable almost immediately! And what is especially important, this way you can treat even infants who are very rarely prescribed medication. Another method of treating herpetic stomatitis involves regular rinsing with a decoction of oak bark or chamomile. In order to make it, you need to take a glass of dry oak bark or chamomile leaves, pour warm water and simmer in a water bath for at least 30 minutes! Having cooled, the infusion will be completely ready for use.

The child should rinse the oral cavity at least three times a day, combining this technique with traditional methods of treatment. On average, you can get rid of stomatitis in about 10 days, but in the future, parents can prevent this from happening in their child!

In order for stomatitis to not make itself felt again, you should regularly take the child to the dentist and take time to strengthen his immune system, the task of which is to give a powerful rebuff to all inflammatory and infectious processes that begin in the body.


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