Home teeth whitening with GLO Brilliant

Home teeth whitening with GLO Brilliant
Based on innovative technologies, the GLO Brilliant set will perform all the functions of a dentist for teeth whitening. Applying this device, the user does not have to spend time and money on pre-registration or traveling to the clinic. Moreover, the procedures carried out at home will take about half an hour a day.

This is exactly what the manufacturer of the new product, which has recently appeared at the online store of fashionable cosmetics and health gadgets Sephora, says. The founder of the American company GLO Science and the developer of improved technology GLO Brilliant ™ is Dr. Jonathan Levine, a well-known aesthetic dentist. He is the one who guarantees excellent results and a “diamond” smile after using the device.

Device for home teeth whitening GLO Brilliant ™
The patent-pending GLO Brilliant™ Personal Teeth Whitening Set is capable of making teeth whiter – up to an average of 5 tones – and smile brighter and more sparkling. It includes a special whitening gel (10 tubes, each for 4 applications) and a plastic plate – a mouthguard that is worn during the procedure and provides, in fact, the process itself. During this process, the teeth are slightly heated and exposed to a special “blue light”, the technology of which is patented by the manufacturer – GLO (Guided Light Optic).

GLO Brilliant™ Personal Teeth Whitening Device for teeth whitening
The set also has a panel for conrol and start of the procedure which is connected with the mouthguard with wires. Furthermore, it includes a charger for the device, a USB charging cable for traveling, a lip balm to protect your lips during the procedure, and a carrying case for packing all the components.
The whitening process demonstrated in detail in the proposed video is absolutely simple, requires no special knowledge and takes a minimum of time. It is recommended that you brush your teeth beforehand using a quality toothbrush then protect your lips with the product offered. It is easy to apply a special gel to the teeth, such as the front and face area of the teeth, put on a translucent plastic mouthguard on top and activate it with the included remote control.

The patented GLO (Guided Light Optic) technology lasts 8 minutes, and then the device switches off automatically. It is recommended to repeat the process 3-4 times, depending on the condition of the teeth and the desired result. Then remove the mouthpiece and rinse your mouth well with water.

Dr. Levine recommends to do a home teeth whitening procedure with a break of 3-5 days, maximum 10 days. Afterwards, as he promises, the teeth will always be white and sparkling.
Among the advantages of the whitening technology of GLO Whitening, it can be named the gentle composition of the gel, which does not contain alcohol and many irritating components found in similar products of other companies. It is also worth mentioning that the patented development of a light and temperature impact ensures maximum effect. However, in case of irritation or discomfort of gums, the manufacturer recommends to stop the procedures and consult a doctor.
You can buy the home teeth whitening set at Sephora Online Store – or order it at the manufacturer’s website gloscience.com. The price of the set is $275.

Based on: gloscience.com, sephora.com



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