How to rinse the inflamed gum

For a person whose gums are inflamed, then how to rinse them becomes an urgent issue, because the condition causes discomfort. Inflamed gums begin to bleed, pus may be released. With this disease, problems with chewing food begin, hot and cold drinking causes severe pain. With the inflammatory process in the gums, a person can have a fever.

Gum disease

The pain is so strong that the cheek is very inflamed, it can even begin to hurt and bleed your teeth. In advanced cases, with severe inflammation of the gums, they begin to stagger, which can lead to their complete loss. Therefore, in no case should you postpone a trip to the dentist for gum disease. The doctor will help establish the cause of this process and provide medical care. The process of inflammation is always a signal from the body about a malfunction or malfunction in its systems. It is necessary to listen carefully to him, and then the problems that arise with the teeth will be solved at the initial stage of the disease. Such an approach to your health will help to preserve teeth until old age.

Causes of gum disease

Basically, gums can become inflamed in people who do not follow oral hygiene, neglect timely toothbrushing, regular visits to the dentist to get rid of plaque and stone.

The structure of the oral cavityMicrobes that accumulate on the surface of the teeth and gingival margin begin to multiply actively, creating pathogenic microflora. Harmful microbes penetrate the gum tissue and begin to infect it with their harmful contents. Toxins thus penetrating the gums begin to provoke the development of inflammation and lead to oral diseases such as gingivitis and periodontitis.

In the initial stage, these diseases manifest themselves as redness, cyanosis and bleeding. At the same time, the gums begin to hurt and swell.

In a neglected form, these diseases are characterized by the presence of purulent bags in the gingival margins and pockets, the teeth begin to stagger. In this case, pain and bleeding are amplified several times in comparison with the initial stage of the disease.

If periodontitis occurs, an urgent need to see a dentist. Only an experienced specialist can cope with this disease. To begin with, he will remove all dental deposits with special tools, and then begin the direct treatment of gum disease. If you do not remove tartar, then treatment of the inflammatory process will not bring the desired result. Microbes will remain in the oral cavity in the dental deposits and will affect the gum tissue again and again.

In severe, advanced cases, treatment with antibiotics will be needed. This must be done in order to stop the development of the inflammatory process and to nullify the detrimental effect of toxins on the body as a whole.

The cause of inflammation is not only periodontitis and gingivitis.

Sometimes in a weakened body against the background of spring vitamin deficiency, the development of stomatitis begins, which is accompanied by redness and inflammation of the gums.

Smoking as a cause of gum diseaseThe body is not able to fight viruses and bacteria that enter the oral cavity, in this case rinsing and taking the vitamin complex help.

Smoking is the worst enemy of teeth. A smoker rarely has good, clean and healthy teeth. Nicotine, which makes the surface of the teeth yellow, is to blame. It also provokes the formation of plaque and the growth of bacteria and viruses. All this can lead to gum disease.

In pregnant women, gums very often become inflamed due to a weakened immune system. It is necessary to start treatment on time and fix the problem, otherwise the problem will not disappear after the birth of the child, but only worsen.

There are other causes of swelling and gum disease, such as:

  • genetic predisposition;
  • side effect when taking certain types of drugs;
  • poorly selected crowns on the teeth often injure the gums, causing infection.

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How to rinse gums with inflammation

An effective folk remedy for gum disease is ordinary soda. Soda solution is recommended for rinsing the oral cavity several times a day.

Salt and iodine mouthwashTo prepare the solution, you need to take 1 tsp. soda, salt and a few drops of iodine. Stir all the ingredients in boiled warm water until completely dissolved. Rinse the resulting solution with the oral cavity several times a day.

In the event that the inflammation is not infectious, in just a couple of days it will pass, the pain and swelling will go away. If the cause of inflammation is an infection, then the solution can only slightly improve the general condition of the gums, but will not completely eliminate the problem.

Propolis can help in the fight for healthy gums. This unique product is the strongest antiseptic, it kills all pathogenic microorganisms that settle on the gums and teeth of a person. In order to use this unique tool, it is enough to take a small piece of propolis and place it on a sore gum.

An excellent tool is also tincture of propolis. You can purchase this product at any nearby pharmacy. To rinse, you need to take 15 ml of tincture and dissolve in two glasses of warm water. The procedure must be performed at least 4 times a day for 5 days. After applying propolis and its tincture, a noticeable improvement in the state of the gums occurs.

Sage for the treatment of gum diseaseRinsing with tinctures of medicinal herbs, namely chamomile and sage, will bring relief in swelling and soreness of the gums. It is necessary to use decoction for rinsing in combination with treatment by a dentist. Only in this case, you can get rid of periodontitis. It is recommended to rinse your mouth with these medicinal herbs several times a day.

A very effective remedy that perfectly eliminates toothache and gum inflammation is the drug "Dollar". It must be taken one tablet 2 times a day for 7 days. Before using the drug, you must consult a specialist.

In the treatment of inflammatory processes in the oral cavity, especially in winter or spring, it is necessary to drink a course of multivitamins. The use of the vitamin complex will help to strengthen the protective properties of the body and fight against harmful bacteria that affect the gum tissue. In combination with vitamins, it is recommended to take a course of Calcemin to strengthen the gums and improve the condition of the teeth.

Effectively fight with gum inflammation helps ordinary tea leaves. Rinsing with tea will help relieve bleeding and reduce pain after a few days of use. The composition of black tea includes fluoride and tannins, rinsing is best done yesterday by brewing. To do this, brew black tea and leave it overnight. In the morning you can start the procedures, the effect will not take long.

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Nutrition and Prevention

Proper nutrition to strengthen teethThe diet should be rich and rich in a variety of foods. Be sure to include in your daily diet vegetables and fruits rich in vitamin C. A large amount of vitamin C is found in bell pepper, cabbage, tangerines, currants.

Vitamin D-rich foods that contain calcium are recommended. It is also necessary to minimize protein food, that is, meat.

If possible, include solid vegetables in the daily menu, such as:

  • cabbage;
  • carrot;
  • apples
  • cucumbers.

For the prevention of inflammatory processes, it is necessary to carefully observe oral hygiene. Thoroughly clean the space between the teeth with dental floss or toothpick. Observe the correct diet, stop smoking, visit a dentist in a timely manner and in no case do self-medication, all procedures should be strictly controlled by a doctor.

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