How to stop tooth decay

No wonder they say that the best treatment is prevention. How to stop tooth decay? What additional methods of struggle can be used? Do pastes and rinse aid help? Answers to these questions can be found below.

Caries pattern

Prevention methods are divided into 2 main groups: local and general. Local are aimed at the general improvement of oral hygiene and the strengthening of tooth enamel. General methods relate to proper nutrition.

Local methods

How to stop caries? In fact, it is enough to adhere to one simple but very effective method. Good hygiene allows with almost 10% probability to prevent the development of caries. Many patients have a vague understanding of good oral hygiene, so not everyone can follow it correctly.

Brushing teeth after each meal to prevent tooth decayWhat is proper hygiene? First of all, it is brushing your teeth after each meal. The negative effects of food debris remain in the first 40 minutes after ingestion. Many experts insist on refusing periodic snacks. The main meals should be few and after each should be done toothbrushing.

The development of caries stops dental floss, or floss. It must also be used after every meal. The thread helps to remove stuck pieces of food that the toothbrush cannot clean.

If the situation does not allow you to brush your teeth, then you can just chew gum or use floss. Thread can be used almost everywhere, from a cafe to a street. But then you can with full confidence shine with your smile and not be afraid of the possible development of caries.

How to stop tooth decay if there are braces? A special device called an irrigator can come to the rescue. It delivers a pulsating stream of water under slight pressure, which allows you to wash stuck pieces of food and plaque formed.

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Fluoride prophylaxis

Tooth fluoride for caries preventionThis method has gained its popularity relatively recently.

Its main purpose is to saturate the tooth enamel with special minerals that increase the strength of the tooth.

Enamel begins to actively counteract cariogenic microorganisms.

Remineralization can be carried out both at home and at the dentist's appointment.

The home method is based on brushing your teeth with a paste containing an increased proportion of fluoride. It penetrates the enamel and activates its protective properties.

If home procedures are not enough, then you can seek help from a dentist.

In this case, special remineralizing gels are used. The course can be carried out no more than 1 time in 3 months. The rest of the time it is enough to maintain the current state with special pastes.

If hygiene procedures are fully performed, then you can additionally take advantage of professional dental treatment. What is the difference between this treatment and home? All the difference is that this method is more efficient. During the procedures, concentrated preparations are used. They can be produced in the form of varnishes with which the dentist covers tooth enamel.

Refusal of constant snacking for caries preventionThe whole point of the procedure is that the tooth surface is first cleaned and completely dried. Then, with a special brush, varnish that contains fluorine is applied. As a result, fluorine begins to actively penetrate into tooth enamel and the film dissolves by itself. The advantage of this mineralization is that fluorine enters into an active reaction with calcium, due to which the total resistance of tooth enamel to cariogenic organisms increases.

In any case, you need to start with home prophylaxis, and then carry out special cleaning and treatment. How do fluorides work? If the acidity level is below pH5, then calcium and fluorine begin to actively decompose. To prevent this condition, use a special varnish containing fluorine. It increases acidity and prevents the development of microorganisms.

To summarize, it must be said that the use of all the recommendations presented will significantly reduce the risk of tooth decay and development. A special place should be allocated for vitamin therapy. The use of multivitamins in prevention is not widespread, but, according to many experts, vitamins of group B, namely B1 and B6, provide an anticariotic effect.

In fact, these remedies cannot be considered more effective than permanent oral hygiene and the use of fluorides. In the development of certain groups of specialists there is a vaccine against caries. This vaccination will be the dream of any patient. The action of this tool will be aimed at reducing activity and inhibiting cariogenic microorganisms.

In addition, you must abandon the constant snacking. Consumed carbohydrates can aggravate your current condition and accelerate caries formation. It is important not the amount of carbohydrates consumed, but the sugars contained in them, which destructively affect the general condition of enamel.


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