Stomatitis in adults: treatment with folk remedies

Stomatitis is often found in adults, the treatment of folk remedies of which is still popular today. And why, find out further.

Stomatitis problem

Quite often, a person feels discomfort in his mouth, painful sensations become stronger with time. With a detailed examination and visual examination, small wounds or sores covered with white coating can be seen in the oral cavity. So they give a feeling of pain and inconvenience. This stomatitis is a disease in which an inflammatory process occurs in the oral cavity, intensifying with a change in the microbacterial environment in it. The appearance of wounds indicates that the mucous membrane of the oral cavity has undergone inflammatory changes due to several reasons.

What is dangerous stomatitis

Stomatitis in adults develops rapidly, but it is not treated so quickly. If a person has determined a disease, it is necessary to immediately begin treatment. Wounds give a noticeable pain at every meal, it is impossible to eat or drink anything, especially when it comes to hot liquids. Stomatitis interferes with a healthy night's sleep, and in the morning a person wakes up in a bad mood and often with a sore head. Ulcers interfere with a full life, reduce vital activity, because often, if they exist, it is very painful and impossible to speak.

Dental consultationOf course, a patient person may not treat stomatitis and gradually he will pass by himself. But if this disease returns again and again, then over time it will become protracted and chronic. If stomatitis occurs often enough in an adult, it is worth looking for the root of the problem. Most likely, a person may have another serious disease that he does not even suspect about. Such diseases include cancer, radiation sickness, human immunodeficiency virus.

Diseases such as diabetes mellitus, hormonal failure, impaired lipid metabolism, the pathology of the stomach and organs adjacent to it, can also cause dental aphthae. Such diseases can only be diagnosed empirically by passing tests. Therefore, stomatitis is very dangerous and insidious, and it is better not to let its course flow.

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Types of Stomatitis

It is easy to treat stomatitis, it is important to follow all the recommendations of a doctor. If a child falls ill, it is necessary to resort to the help of a doctor and then carry out treatment according to the appointments. An adult can completely independently carry out treatment using all available methods and means, including the vast experience of the people, in which many simple recipes are collected. Before starting the fight against the disease, it is necessary to determine what type of stomatitis with which a person is sick. The causative agents of this disease are different, therefore, each species has its own treatment.

The manifestation of stomatitisWhat are the types of stomatitis:

  1. Allergic stomatitis occurs if a person is prone to allergies. It doesn’t matter if the body responds to a medicine or food. With such a disease, treatment will be complex. In addition to drugs that work with allergic reactions, it is important to use antibacterial therapy to restore the natural microflora of the oral cavity.
  2. Fungal stomatitis often occurs after some kind of infectious disease or simultaneously with it, since the use of antibiotics in the treatment of the underlying disease can lead to excess Candida yeast. The main manifestation of fungal lesions of the oral cavity is called erosion spots, covered with a white curd coating. These sores are very painful. It must be treated with antifungal drugs as prescribed by the doctor. If a plaque has just appeared, it will be enough just to remove it several times a day with a gauze swab dipped in a disinfectant solution. If the disease has already gone far and there are wounds under a raid, then antifungal drugs cannot be dispensed with.
  3. Viral stomatitis occurs against the background of general intoxication of the body due to damage by viral pathogens, such as acute respiratory viral infections, influenza, herpes. With herpes, wounds can be not only inside the oral cavity, but also on the lips and cheeks. Antiviral drugs are good for such manifestations of the disease. Gradually, the bubbles located on the surface of the skin burst and decrease in size. In addition to tablets, there are various antiviral ointments and creams that are applied directly to the lesions of the skin and mucous membrane. Recovery, therefore, is much faster.
  4. Bacterial stomatitis is one of the most common types. If a person does not observe personal hygiene, does not brush his teeth or brushes his teeth in the wrong way, then sooner or later he will experience stomatitis. Most often, its pathogens are the ubiquitous streptococci and staphylococci. These are the most harmful and common bacteria that affect the human body. Treatment is with antibiotics and immunostimulating drugs.

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Treatment with folk remedies

Rinse the mouth with boiled waterAny type of stomatitis can be treated with alternative methods, it is important to observe the proportions and do the right thing:

At the initial stage of the disease, you can do it by rinsing your mouth with boiled warm water. Each rinse should have fresh water. Adding hydrogen peroxide to water will not only help relieve pain, but also produce a disinfecting effect. Dissolve 1 tsp in a glass of warm water. peroxide – and the mixture is ready. This procedure should be carried out several times a day, especially before bedtime. After that, do not eat or drink anything for half an hour.

Those patients who are not allergic to honey and its products can add propolis tincture in alcohol to water, which will relieve inflammation and relieve pain. The proportions are the same.

Rinsing with decoctions of medicinal herbs and plants, such as chamomile, string, aloe, Kalanchoe, can also alleviate the course of the disease. If it is not possible to make a decoction, you can simply take a few leaves of the plant, rinse thoroughly and chew. Just do not swallow then, you need to spit them out.

Potato with stomatitisFood therapy with garlic, cabbage, potatoes can also help, but only at the initial stage of the disease. If ulcers have already appeared, then the treatment may not work. Garlic kills bacteria well, but its presence in the mouth causes a burning sensation. Together with the pain from wounds, these are hellish torments and not everyone can withstand them. Of course, after several procedures with garlic sauce, relief will come, but before you still have to endure a burning sensation in your mouth. So this method is not suitable for everyone.

A separate recipe from the product line is a decoction of onion husks, which can be used not only at the initial stage of the disease, but also in severe form. The collected husk must be thoroughly washed, then pour 500 ml of water, boil, cook no more than half an hour. Then remove from heat, put in a dark, dry place for a day. After this period, the liquid is passed through cheesecloth.

If the total volume of the decoction is less than the initial 500 ml, then you need to bring the volume to this by adding boiled water. This broth rinse your mouth several times a day. Phytoncides contained in onions have a high concentration in the husk, and not in the onion itself, they have a bactericidal and anti-inflammatory agent. So, they are an excellent cure for stomatitis.

If there is no desire or time to bother preparing the decoction ourselves, then in pharmacies sell herbal preparations for the treatment of stomatitis. You can buy them, and you just have to boil them with boiling water or make a decoction, and the medicine is ready. In any case, the rinse should be boiled, warm. Rinse several times a day after meals until completely cured.

For preventive purposes, you can rinse your mouth even after recovery, in order to put in order the microflora of the oral cavity.

It is important to take care of your health, take vitamin preparations that will allow the body to accumulate the necessary trace elements that effectively fight various viruses and bacteria. Daily toothbrushing and toothbrush replacement according to the date written on the package will help to keep the oral cavity healthy.


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