How to Tell if You Have Bad Breath

How to tell if you have bad breath

Whenever people are discussing embarrassing topics, bad breath is always on the top of the list, and the worst thing about it is that not many people like telling you that your breath is lousy. It is that serious, and whenever one gathers the courage to tell you, they still will not say it directly instead they may ask you to look for mint or cinnamon gum which is quite embarrassing and because you did not see it coming it may cause your self-esteem to plummet from a hundred to zero. So, it’s advisable to know how to tell if you have bad breath.

Additionally, no matter how eloquent or how good looking you are, it causes people not to focus on your positive and they only focus on your stinky breath. That is why it is essential that you ensure you are hooked on a good oral routine to keep that at bay. Unfortunately, brushing your teeth when you leave the house in the morning may not be enough because you will eat later and also at times you are so focused on your job that you end up having a dry mouth which is also another cause of bad breath.

Sadly, it is not possible to smell your own breath because you are already used to your smell and not until someone steps back when you start talking near the faces is when you get a clue of what is going on in your mouth. In respect to that, you should ensure that you have a routine on how to tell if you have bad breath so as not to go talking near people’s faces when your breath smells like fish. To assist you in that we have put together a list of tips which will answer the question how to tell if you have bad breath.

Ways to tell if you have bad breathSniff test

  • Sniff test
  • Swab your tongue
  • Breath into a clean plastic container or cup
  • Dental floss test

Sniff test

Best Sniff Test

This is the first and the easiest method which can help to tell if your breath smell lousy. Reason being it does not require any sophisticated tools. What you need is your wrist and your tongue, and you are good to go. Lick the inside of your wrist and leave it to dry for five to ten seconds and then sniff. If there is no odor, then you can trust your breath but if not then you can now tell why people rub their noses when you are talking on their faces. The reason why we insist on the inner part of your wrist is because it is usually inactive and thus it can give you a true reading.

Swab your tongue

Swab Test

If you just came from lunch or your mouth is dry, and you are unsure of how your breath is, then swabbing your tongue is another method on how to tell if you have bad breath. You can either use cotton, your finger and the most effective one to use for this method is a spoon. Also, note you are not swabbing just any part but the back of your tongue. Use either of the mentioned tools and reach the back and wipe if you are using cotton but if it is a spoon, scrape, and any bacteria will be on the surface. Smell it, and you can tell how your breath is. This one is more effective because most of the bacteria lie here so if the cotton or the spoon is stinky then you better run for a pack of fresh breath mint or gum.

Breathe into a plastic container

Breath into a plastic container

If you are not comfortable with trying either of the above, you can always try this one if you have a plastic container or cup which can cover your mouth and nose. Next, you breathe out through your mouth and quickly inhale the air using your nose and that way you will be able to smell your own breath, and you can now tell if you have bad breath.

Dental floss test

Dental Floss Test

Most offices usually have a pack of dental flossers which the workers use after lunch or if not you can always buy yours because they are quite portable. Run a piece of the floss between your back teeth and then smell it. If it comes out smelly, then your breath is not quite pleasing to people who you are talking to.

Ask someone

how to tell if you have bad breath

Lastly, you can ask someone whom you are extremely comfortable with. It’s not easy to ask someone about the condition of your breath, but it’s the best way to avoid embarrassment with strangers. In addition, many people will shy off from telling you if your breath is lousy, so ask someone who is honest with you.
Having found that you have bad breath, you have to get rid of it!


The reason why we are insisting on using the back teeth or the tongue is because it is where most bacteria lie and where the germs they break down are and thus all the stinky breath originates from here. Hence even when you are brushing ensure not only that you are using the best toothpaste but also that you brush the back of the tongue and the teeth keenly because that way you will be saving yourself from bad breath. Either way, you can try all the above methods and you will be able to tell if you have bad breath. However, remember that there are lots of causes of bad breath, including causes of bad breath from the stomach. It’s advisable to find out more about them and then combat bad mouth odor naturally.

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