Top 9 Tips for Getting Fresher Breath

Chronic bad breath

Do you have bad breath? More often than not, you may not be able to detect malodorous smell coming from your mouth. Worryingly, even your closest friends might be reluctant to tell you this because of the fear of losing a friendship. However, if you`re keen enough, some tell-tale signs should confirm this.

For instance, if people are jolting back ever time you try to make a conversation, or people covering their noses while you talk, you might consider re-evaluating your breath.

If you`re like most people, you want to make sure that your smile does you justice. While cleaning your mouth, and whitening your teeth is deemed as the epitome of oral health, it`s just a part of having the confidence to smile; but what about your breath? Is it as fresh as you would like it to be?

In the article below, we look at nine refreshingly effective tips for freshening your breath. Our tips encompass, both natural as well as artificial methods.

Proper Dental Hygiene

Causes of fetid breath

The first and simple step of realizing a fresher breath is to maintain proper dental hygiene. As modest as this process sounds and seems, it`s highly effective.

Proper dental hygiene entails several processes, which include;


Brushing of teeth is necessary for removing food particles lodged between the teeth and the nooks and crannies. If left alone, these food substances might decay, thus producing a horrendous smell. Medical experts recommend brushing teeth at least twice a day with good toothpastes.


Flossing is necessary to remove the food chunks stuck in between the teeth. While these food particles might not be noticeable, flossing is vital in removing plaque and improving dental hygiene.

Tongue Scarping

The tongue is not a smooth surface and is filled with small cavities that may host odor-causing bacteria and food particles. Therefore, for effective tongue cleaning, you need to invest in a tongue scraper.

Go Natural


There are plenty of natural substances that are known to cure halitosis and promote fresher breath.  Some of them, such as cinnamon and cardamom have long been used as a traditional remedy for bad breath.

According to Reuters, there are a variety of natural herbs that can be chewed for fresher breath. Some of these herbs and organic substances include;

  • -Tea tree
  • -Oregano
  • -Cinnamon
  • -Parsley
  • -Basil
  • -Mint

Daily Mail UK also indicates that some organic beverages such as green tea promotes natural fresh breath.  Fresh breath aside, green tea has also been documented to promote general dental hygiene, prevent tooth decay, fight certain kinds of mouth cancers and boost your weight-loss effort.

However, when taking the green herbs, health experts recommend that you consume them in their natural state and while they are fresh. This is because some of the active components of the herbs are destroyed when dried.

Drink Plenty of Water

liquids against bad breath

You are already aware of the health benefits of drinking plenty of water including hydrating the body, boosting the brain health, and improving skin elasticity. In addition to the above benefits, water is also a great natural breath freshener.

Drinking water helps in flushing away the odor-causing bacteria and food particles in your mouth. Additionally, water keeps your mouth moist, thus inhibiting the propagation of bacteria that thrive on anaerobic and dry conditions.

Researchers agree that consuming plenty of water daily, in conjunction with regular dental hygiene is vital in freeing up the food particles stuck in your mouth and promoting a fresher breath.

Take Probiotics

probiotics against bad breath

Bad breath is at times caused by an imbalance between the good and bad bacteria in the gut system. When there`s an excess of bad bacteria in the gut, you are bound to produce bad breath.

According to WebMD probiotics are the good bacteria in your body and are instrumental in changing the “balance of power.” A healthy population of the “good” bacteria will naturally freshen your breath.

According to Life Extension Magazine, probiotics play a fundamental role in your health. Some of the major roles played by probiotics include;

  • -Improving intestinal flora balance
  • -Inhibiting harmful bacteria
  • -Promoting good digestion
  • -Boosting immune function
  • -Increasing resistance to infections
  • Some of the common sources of probiotics include;
  • -Yoghourt
  • -Kefir
  • -Miso soup
  • -Dark chocolate
  • -Kombucha
  • -Apple cider vinegar
  • -Temper

Don`t Forget your Veggies and Fruits

natural toothbrush against bad breath

Taking plenty of veggies will not only make your mom proud, but greens are also known to foster an alkaline environment in your gut. The alkaline environment is vital for balancing out the bad-breath-causing acid in your body.

Similarly, fruits, especially the fibrous and crunchy types are handy for removing the food particles caught in between your teeth.  Equally, fibrous fruits and veggies such as apples, carrots, celery can rub away bacteria sitting on your teeth and tongue.

In most cases, these fruits and veggies are considered like natural toothbrushes, thanks to the “fuzzy” feeling they provide when you run your tongue over your teeth.

Reconsider your Diet

Dinner party

If you`re looking for a fresher breath all day long, you need to reconsider your diet. Some foods are known to be natural causes of fetid breath. For instance, you should steer away from spicy foods such as garlic, and onions. Also, try to stay away from processed foods.

Lifestyle Change

Bad breath and smoking

Yes, some of your daily practices (such as drinking and smoking)might be contributing to your malodorous breath. For example, smoking and alcohol consumption is linked to bad breath. Therefore, you might as well consider quitting some of these practices for fresher breath.

Mints and Chewing Gums

Girl with a gum

While mints and gums do not curb the origin of the bad breath, they`re effective at masking the breath, but temporarily. Mints come in handy while you`re about to meet someone or closing a deal for a limited period.

When choosing your mint, ensure that you pick the sugar-free options to avoid feeding the bacteria.

Alcohol-Free Mouthwashes

Best Mouthwashes

Mouthwashes are necessary to keep your mouth moist as well as kill the odor-causing bacteria. An ideal mouthwash should be free of alcohol; alcohol dries your mouth and leads to more bacterial infection and eventually bad breath.



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