Ways to Effectively Treat Bad Breath

Medical and dental technologies have evolved greatly to address almost all health concerns. You have to realize that bad breath may happen to you, regardless of how much you try to prevent it. You could have bad breath and not know anything about it. Only a dentist can really tell you whether you have halitosis or not.

In order for the dentist to prescribe the right solution to bad breath, it is important that he determine the root cause of the problem first. Once he knew that, the proper cure would come easy. Right now, the newest method to treat bad breath is through the use of a solution called carbamide peroxide.

Carbamide peroxide is a concentrated solvent primarily used to disinfect the teeth. It can also be used to bleach the teeth. However, recent studies have shown that carbamide peroxide can treat chronic halitosis as well.

A lot of experts agree that carbamide peroxide is a very effective way to treat bad breath. But because the method is new, it costs around $500 per treatment session. But then again, only one session is enough for mild cases of bad breath. Dentist need to check the patient first before undergoing the procedure. Also, a mouth guard or a tray had to be placed in the mouth and around their teeth before the solution is applied.

Carbamide peroxide will be placed in the person’s mouth. It is supposed to remain there for an hour or so. There will be home kits given as well so that you can further treat bad breath right from the comforts of your home instead of doing it at the dentist’s office. You can save more that way too.

Of course, the older methods of treating bad breath are still there. Bad breath fighting toothpastes and mouthwashes can still be availed of from pharmacies and health centers. These are specialized products that are way different from the ones easily bought at groceries. They are also much expensive than them. However, the solution provided by these products is mostly temporary.

The carbamide peroxide solution for bad breath is by far, the best and most effective way to treat halitosis. It provides for a more lasting solution than the many products that can only mask bad breath. Carbamide peroxide kills the bacteria in the mouth, which is the most leading cause of bad breath.

However, for bad breath caused by undiagnosed conditions like problems of the kidney, lungs, or stomach, you have to consult with a physician and not a dentist. For cases like these, you have to treat your disease first so that you will be able to get rid of bad breath in the process. The same is true for halitosis caused by mouth and gum infections.

However, prevention is still best than cure. It pays to observe proper oral hygiene all the time to keep bad breath from forming. Everybody may develop bad breath. Visit your dentist twice a year. Let the expert take care of your teeth and your breath will be fresh the whole year round.

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