What is Tom Segura’s Net Worth 2023?

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Tom Segura is an American stand-up comedian, actor, and podcaster with acclaimed success reaching beyond the stage. Tom Segura has a net worth of $12 million and has appeared in over 50 TV shows. His work with other popular comedians on Comicview, This Is Not Happening, and Coming to the Stage has earned him further recognition. As a performer at some of the most renowned festivals in his field such as Melbourne International, The Comedy Festival, The Global Festival and Just for Laughs, Segura demonstrates a level of expertise that few in his field can match. His upcoming book “I’d Like to Play Alone Please” scheduled for release in 2022 promises to bring even more laughs from one of today’s funniest comedic minds.

How much is Tom Segura worth?

Tom Segura has amassed an impressive fortune of $12 million dollars with his highly successful career. Although he initially involved himself in multiple occupations, it was through comedy that he truly found success – both financially and critically. His career as a stand-up comedian and film actor has made him millions, as well as his popular podcasts like “Your Mom’s House” and “2 Bears1 Cave” which generate revenue from streaming services. He also earns money from hosting events, producing films and writing books, further contributing to his estimated net worth of $12 million dollars in 2023.

Quick Facts

Thomas Segura Jr, also known as Tom Segura is a well-known comedian, writer, actor and podcaster from American nationality with an estimated net worth of 12 million dollars. Father Thomas Nadeau Segura Mother Rosario Segura. He was born on April 16, 1979 in Cincinnati, Ohio and currently lives in Los Angeles, California. Tom stands at 5 ft 10 in tall with dark brown hair and blue eyes and is married to Christina Pazsitzky. Tom has become a very successful entertainer since his active years starting in 2007 up till the present day. He was a San Francisco regional finalist on Last Comic Standing 2. Today, Tom Segura is known as the leader of the 4 stroke gang or “Water Champ” due to his endorsement with Fashion Nova. Tom currently spends his free time watching college football until it’s time to travel around the country to perform comedy shows.

Early life

Born in Peru to a Peruvian mother and an American father, Thomas Weston Segura is a well-known standup comedian who has lived in Minneapolis, Minnesota; Milwaukee, Wisconsin; and Vero Beach, Florida. He is known for his unique style of comedy, often making jokes about his unique cultural background. He attended Saint Edward’s school in Florida before going on to Lenoir Rhyne University and graduating with a bachelors degree. After graduation, he combined working several day time jobs while performing stand up at nights in order to make ends meet. It was during these days that Segura began to develop the style of comedy that fans now know and love him for.
Segura also interned at Kopelson Entertainment before landing his first paid position as a logger, generating transcripts for reality series like Extreme Makeover and My Big Fat Obnoxious Boss.


After graduating from Lenoir-Rhyne University, comedian and podcast host Joey Segura began his career in stand-up comedy and interned at Kopelson Entertainment. Over the years, he has developed a successful comedy career, making appearances in various films and TV shows and television appearances, as well as releasing several comedy specials directly to Netflix. In addition to co-hosting the popular Your Mom’s House podcast with Christina Pazsitzky, Tom Segura is also an author; he released a book titled I’d Like to Play Alone, Please in 2022 that contains a compilation of humorous essays written by him.


Personal Life of Tom Segura
Since they first met, Tom and Christina’s amazing journey together has become evident. At 23, Tom and 26, Christina found each other and it was clear that their destinies were intertwined. After spending several years getting to know each other, the couple tied the knot in 2008 and welcomed two wonderful children into their family. Tom Segura and his wife have two children: a son, Ellis Segura, and a daughter, Julian Segura. They now enjoy spending time with their young children and cherishing their beautiful relationship.

Tom Segura: Cars & Houses

They bought a $6.65 million mansion in the Pacific Palisades and moved in on January 1, 2020.

The home’s 4,619 square feet of area The mansion has over 10 bedrooms and 11 bathrooms, a resort-style backyard with a pool, cabana, and outdoor kitchen with marble countertops. The guard-gated community of Sullivan Canyon boasts the estate’s incredible panoramic canyon views, which can be enjoyed from its large balcony. Whether this opulent estate was purchased to live in or as an investment is yet to be seen, but either way it was one of the most expensive purchases in the area during that time.

Segura is a self-professed car enthusiast who loves the thrill of driving these high-end vehicles. His love for fast cars began in his childhood when he would watch racing movies with his dad. As an adult he has been able to turn his passion into reality by purchasing several luxury cars over the years.

Segura’s personal favorites include the Lamborghini Aventador which cost him a reported $702,000 dollars and his McLaren which reportedly cost $200,000 dollars. He also owns a Bugatti Chiron valued at up to $3 million dollars as well as two Pangani Huayra’s worth between $2 -$3 million each.

In addition to buying these cars outright, Segura sometimes takes on sponsorship deals with these companies that allow him to drive their vehicles for free. This way he can test out all sorts of new features without having to make another big investment every time. He even takes part in charity events sometimes using one of these luxurious rides despite its huge price tag.

For someone like Tom Segura owning multiple rare exotic vehicles is a dream come true and not something he ever expected himself doing when he was younger. He doesn’t just own them purely for show but genuinely enjoys driving around town or taking them on long road trips whenever possible. Having such an impressive collection is definitely something many people still strive for today!


Tom Segura: Lifestyle

Segura has resorted to a disciplined diet which excludes processed foods in place of lean proteins, healthy fats and fresh vegetables. He begins his day with some running at 4:00am followed by breakfast comprising of protein shake and then heads off for a workout at the gym in the evening. During his workout sessions, Segura practices squats, push-ups, deadlifts, pull-ups and runs regularly. To stay fit mentally as well as physically, he includes meditation as part of his daily regime which also helps him stay motivated during tough times on stage while delivering newly created stand-up jokes or ideas.

Live Shows

He performs live shows in various cities worldwide on his ‘I’m Coming Everywhere World Tour’, which often sells out.

YouTube Earnings

Tom Segura is a popular American comedian, podcast host and TV personality who earns approximately $2.3 million a year from ad revenue on his YouTube channel. With over 9 million subscribers, Tom’s channel is one of the biggest in the world. He is well known for his observational comedy style that often tackles topics like fatherhood, relationships and parenthood. His videos regularly generate millions of views; this combined with cost per click ad revenue makes him one of the most successful influencers on YouTube today.
Tom Segura’s videos have an impressive amount of average views, with 300,000 views per video versus the 10,000 view count average of other comedy videos. This means that he earns more money per view than other comedians do. His success is largely attributed to his use of SEO tactics like keyword research, website optimization and backlinks. He has also leveraged social media marketing and influencer marketing to reach a broader audience. With more viewers comes more visibility which translates into higher earnings as well as increased engagement with his content. Tom Segura’s expertise in SEO pays off as it brings him significantly higher view counts and earnings compared to other comedians’ average incomes.

Netflix Earnings

He earns an estimated $1.5 million a year from Netflix alone.

Tom Segura has become a household name in the comedy world thanks to his stand-up specials and podcasts. His first Netflix special, Disgraceful had over 1 million streams in the first seven days of it being added and he recently signed a deal with Netflix for three more specials, one of which will be filmed in Spain. He continues to tour all around the world entertaining fans with his brand of observational humor, clever one liners and impressive ad libs. With an extended stay in Spain for filming already planned for this year and a large number of followers ready to watch his next special it looks like Tom Segura is just getting started in his career as one of the funniest comedians out there today.

Pandora Earnings

Tom Segura’s estimated income of $4.7 million per year through his Pandora stations is primarily due to advertisement revenue, subscriber fees, sponsorships, and merchandising. Advertisements account for a large portion of this income and can generate up to $6,000 per 2 million views. Sponsorships from companies interested in associating themselves with Tom Segura’s brand further enhance his income from Pandora, as does his sales of merchandise such as clothing or accessories bearing his logo or likeness. Therefore, it is clear that the combination of multiple sources provides significant profits for Tom Segura through his Pandora radio station.
In addition, Tom Segura hosts another weekly podcast with fellow comedian and actor Bert Kreischer.


Tom Segura is an acclaimed comedian who has released a collection of funny stories in 2022. His tales explore his unique life experiences, from encounters with celebrities to the quirks of his South American family and the trials of raising children. Tom’s father also stars in some of the stories, regaling readers with surprisingly comical anecdotes about war and his own bodily functions. Overall, this book offers readers a hilarious peek into Tom Segura’s life that everyone can enjoy.

Tom Segura’s most popular video on youtube


Q: What is Tom Segura’s net worth?

A: Tom Segura’s net worth is estimated to be around $12 million dollars. This includes his earnings from live shows, YouTube, Netflix, and Pandora as well as any investments he has made in the past.

Q: What cars does Tom Segura own?

A: Tom Segura owns a Lamborghini Aventador, McLaren, Bugatti Chiron and two Pagani Huayra’s.

Q: How much did the Lamborghini Aventador cost him?

A: The Lamborghini Aventador reportedly cost Tom Segura $702,000 dollars.

Q: What other sources of income does Tom Segura have?

A: In addition to his live shows, YouTube, Netflix and Pandora earnings, Tom Segura also earns an estimated $1.5 million a year from Netflix alone.

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