Wound on the gum: how to treat

Many face a very unpleasant problem that develops in the oral cavity. Wound on the gum, how to treat? What drugs can be used? What are the causes of developing a wound?

Gingival wound problem

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Gum tissue is very delicate and can easily be damaged, while they have a high recovery rate. A feature of the gums is that they respond to almost all changes that occur in the body. Each inflammatory process must be carefully examined, because it can signal the presence of internal diseases.

Gums consist of 2 parts: cervical and alveolar. Gums can be subject to various irritations and inflammations. Sores on the gum can appear when damaged due to exposure to chemicals.

Dentist visit to treat gum woundsIt should be noted that wounds on the gums heal quickly enough and do not require any special treatment. In any case, one must adhere to the individual recommendation of the dentist.

If there is a tear on the gum, then you must urgently seek help from a doctor. Subsequent operations will depend entirely on the severity of the wound. Suture may be required. In this case, the patient switches only to soft and liquid foods, which will not irritate the gingival mucosa.

Before prescribing treatment, a specialist must make sure that the oral hygiene carried out is correct. If plaque or food debris has accumulated on the surface of the teeth, gingivitis may begin. Also, professional smokers and people who rarely visit the dentist can face a similar problem. If you understand the principle, then treating wounds will be simple.

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What to do?

To prevent the formation of wounds on the gums, it is necessary to periodically undergo anti-inflammatory therapy, in the framework of which applications and rinses with antiseptic solutions are performed.

Miramistin for the treatment of wounds on the gumMiramistin and Chlorhexidine solution were widely popular. Treatment can be carried out with the help of infusions of medicinal herbs chamomile, sage, eucalyptus. If inflammatory processes are active, then the doctor may prescribe special anti-inflammatory ointments and gels.

Gels are popular because they are better held on the surface of the mucosa and the absorption process is faster. The effectiveness of such funds has been proven repeatedly. Holisal or Metrogil Dent – these are gels that actively fight the ongoing inflammatory processes and at the same time have an analgesic effect. They are recommended in the treatment of gingivitis and other diseases of the oral cavity. With the correct use of drugs, wounds heal quickly.

Anti-inflammatory therapy should be carried out only with the complete removal of plaque. If you neglect this prescription, then gingivitis can go into the category of chronic pathology. The thing is that it is advisable to start treatment with the cause, and not the elimination of symptoms.

To cure ulcers, you must constantly rinse the oral cavity with pharmacy or self-made solutions. To prepare the simplest means, you may need soda, salt, water.

Rinse the mouth with soda solution to treat wounds on the gumsFirst you need to take 1 teaspoon of salt, soda, add a few tablets of furatsilin and pour everything with boiling water. After complete cooling, carry out the required rinses three times a day for 1-2 weeks.

You can use herbal infusions. They allow you to improve the general condition of microflora and at the same time actively affect the wounds. After rinsing, it is necessary to treat the affected area with sea buckthorn oil. All wounds are treated with a cotton swab, which is initially wetted in a medical solution. Active support for the body during treatment is provided by vitamin B12.

We must not forget that self-medication never leads to good consequences. If the treatment does not give the desired effect, you should immediately seek help from a doctor who will make the necessary prescription.

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Children's problems

Children often have gum wounds for various reasons. It is much more difficult to treat them, since many drugs have a number of contraindications. You can use salt and soda rinse.

In some cases, the child may be injected with a syringe. Despite the pain, the child must definitely drink plenty of fluids, since during this period the risk of dehydration increases.

Food should be soft and tender, properly cooked and chopped. Foods should be rich in vitamin B, zinc, and iron.

If you adhere to all the doctor's prescriptions, then these problems will pass quickly and will not leave any consequences. It is necessary to constantly increase the body's immune defense, which prevents the entry of pathogenic viruses and infections into the body.


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