The Best Gum for Bad Breath

Best gums for bad breath

No matter how beautiful or handsome you are, having bad breath is one embarrassing social condition and hearing people talk about it behind your back lowers not only your confidence but also causes serious damages to your self-esteem. Reason being it is not always that people will tell you about it for fear of making you uncomfortable. One of the ways to get rid of stinky breath is chew the best gum for bad breath.

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It is not always that you have stinky breath, but sometimes when we are near special people in our lives, we tend to believe that we have it and this is a condition known as psychogenic halitosis. Either way, whether you have it or not, it is good that you ensure you have a good oral hygiene routine and also stay away from foods that may cause you stinky mothball breath. But if you have post nasal drip, even the best gum might not help you.

Lastly, do not take chances and ensure you have fa pack of gums in your bag as it may save the day during those moments when you have doubts about the freshness of your breath. They really come in handy because they cleanse the saliva in your mouth and also prevent you from having a dry mouth which is usually one of the culprits behind lousy breath.

Nonetheless, there are so many companies out there which make chewing gums and also a diverse array to select from which make choosing the best gum for bad breath an uphill task. That is why we put together a compilation of some of the best gums for bad breath in the market to help ease the tedious task and also the ingredients to be on the lookout for a while choosing one. By the way, besides chewing a gum, brushing your teeth with the best toothpaste could also help.

Choosing the best gum for bad breath

  1. Wrigley’s Eclipse Gum

This just had to be our top pick. It was released a few years back, and we have to say it does wonders and leaves you confident all the way because it does not mask bad breath instead it gives you long-lasting freshness. It is the first gum ever to have the magnolia bark extract which is clinically proven to instantly kill bacteria.

It does not melt like most gums do when you carry them around for long periods, and neither does it lose its taste or becomes soft. Thus it is possible to buy a whole packet of them for those emergency moments, and they will be as good as new whenever the need arises. It also comes in a purse-friendly pack, and you effortlessly carry it around.

  1. Mentos Pure fresh gum mint

And now for those who cannot go an hour or two without smoking we give you mentos pure fresh gum mint. You can tell by its name that it contains mint and thus whenever you have just finished smoking, nothing says fresh breath like mint. It refreshes you immediately you put it in your mouth and stimulate the salivary gland to produce saliva which is necessary for a fresh smelling mouth.

Also for those moments when you have just taken Mexican tacos which are usually full of garlic and onions, Mentos also comes in handy. If you cannot have my word for it, then the numerous reviews from satisfied customers are sufficient proof. All the gums listed above also have the same effects, and they are also the best gums for bad breath.

  1. Trident cinnamon gum

Trident is known for continuously gifting the world with great gums, and this one is for those who are unsure of their breath. The main ingredient here is cinnamon which is an instant bacteria killer and also tends to leave you with a nice smell of the same. Unlike the other gums, its taste lasts the whole day and so does its smell, so it does not mask stinky mouths but gives you long-lasting freshness. If you are allergic to cinnamon, you can go for the trident white peppermint which also has the same effect.

  1. 5 Gum Peppermint Cobalt Sugarfree Gum

Sometimes people are afraid of chewing gum because they fear it will cause them to have cavities. If you are in this group of people, then it is time you know about the 5 gum peppermint which as you can tell by the name, is sugar-free. It has peppermint for a burst full of fresh breath and is sugarless thus no room for cavities. Furthermore, it is cheap and comes in a good pack which makes you get that sense of pride when removing a piece from its box.

  1. Spry chewing gum

If you are looking for something that is sweet and at the same time helps you stay fresh, then spry chewing gum is the way to go for you. It contains xylitol which is a natural sweetener which helps to combat bad mouth odour and what makes it even better is that it does not cause you cavities instead it boasts myriads of dental benefits. Additionally, spry comes in various flavors such as peppermint, cinnamon and many others which as we know have the benefit of killing bacteria and also giving your burst of freshness.

Things to consider

Basically, the secret to choosing the best gum for bad breath lies in its ingredients because some gums don’t help in fighting a smelly mouth instead they only mask it for a few minutes and the next minute you are on your own talking near people’s noses thinking that your

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