Common Causes of Water-Running Sound in Your Window AC

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“Why is Your Window AC Making a Water-Running Sound? Find Out the Common Reasons!”

Common Causes of Water-Running Sound in Your Window AC
Despite their beneficial cooling effects, window air conditioners aren’t exempt from the irritating noises they occasionally emit, like hissing, the sound of water running, or even sharp cracking sounds. These noises don’t necessarily mean your unit is faulty. Sometimes, it signifies the AC in operation, or it may be a forewarning of potential issues in the future.

Today, we will explore one peculiar sound that window AC units might produce – the sound of water running. Fret not, this issue isn’t unique to your unit.

Let me rewind a bit. A few years ago, I bought a BLACK + DECKER Window Air Conditioner. On returning home late one evening, I found my room uncomfortably hot. I quickly turned on the AC, only to be disturbed by the sound of water running within ten minutes. This led me on a research journey, hunting for answers online, only to find ineffective solutions. I even considered swapping it for a newer unit. Fast forward, and I discovered effective ways to resolve the issue, which I will share with you below.

1. Condensation from the evaporator coil: When your AC unit is busy cooling the room, it simultaneously performs the function of a dehumidifier by condensing airborne moisture into water, which drips into the drain pan. A “water running” sound may be produced if there’s an excess amount of water dripping. A dehumidifier can help to maintain optimal indoor humidity levels, preventing water damage and preventing mold growth.

2. Water melting from frozen evaporator coil: Evaporator coils freeze when there is inadequate airflow or extremely low outdoor temperatures. This issue arises due to a dirt-clogged air filter that decreases airflow, causing ice to form on the coils. Running the blower fan alone can melt away the ice, following which the air filter should be cleaned or replaced if overly dirty.

3. Drain pan leaks: Another possible culprit for the water running sound could be a leaking drain pan. If you find a crack or hole in your drain pan, the best solution would be to replace it entirely. If you’re unable to do it yourself, call an HVAC professional to handle it for you.

4. Blower fan obstruction: If an object gets lodged within or close to the fan, it can create the sound of running water. Here, you may need to open the outer casing, remove the evaporator coil safely to reach the fan, which could require skill beyond average DIY know-how.

5. Internal part damages: If you’re still clueless about the source of the noise, it could be due to a broken internal part creating the noise. This is best left to the expertise of professional HVAC technicians.

To address a somewhat related topic: What is a normal sound for a window AC? Ideally, you shouldn’t hear much from your AC apart from the subdued hum of the fan, especially with it being on the outside. However, if the fan is running at a high speed, it could generate slight noises that aren’t too harsh on the ears.

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