Reasons why your window air conditioner is leaking water

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“Why is your window air conditioner leaking water? Here’s why!”

Reasons why your window air conditioner is leaking water
High temperatures can be challenging to cope with, particularly during the summer months. Frequently, a window air conditioning unit becomes a necessary appliance within our homes during this particularly stifling period. These units can provide significant relief, but it is worth note that they are susceptible to leakages that can potentially cause significant damage if not addressed immediately. Taking prompt action when leakage occurs can mitigate the risk of water damage to both the air conditioner and your residence and enhance the unit’s functionality. The first step is to identify the root causes of the air conditioner’s water leakage before resolving it.

Here are a few likely causes of the leakage from the window air conditioner, along with methods to address the problem:

1) Blocked Drain Line of the Window Air Conditioner
Window air conditioning units operate by sucking hot air from a room, cooling it down and then releasing the cooled air back into the room. During this process, water vapor condenses on the coils and is drained out through a tube or a hole at the base of the unit called the condensation drain. This drain can be located on either side of the unit, and its purpose is to remove condensation from the air conditioner. Dust and dregs are accumulated on the coils which can block the drain line along with pests such as bees and spiders.

Solution: To clear the blockage, clean the drain line. You will require a drain clog remover and vinegar. You may need a screwdriver to remove the front cover of your dehumidifier to access the drain pan. Blend some vinegar with the drain pan and pipe, and leave it for some time. Use the clog remover to clear the condensate pipe’s blockage. Pour water on the drain pan and observe if it drains out.

2) Leaking Drain Pan due to Hole or Crack
The drain pan collects condensate water from the evaporator coil. If it is damaged, it can cause leakage from the window AC. The drain pan can get damaged due to manufacturing defects, during installation or even due to corrosion.

Solution: To fix a drain pan, it’s better to replace the entire drain pan rather than attempting to repair it. Buy a new drain pan for your window AC, and if there are small holes in the plastic drain pan, use a plastic hole filling adhesive.

3) Frozen Evaporator Coil
Evaporator coils extract heat and brings about cooling; however, the moisture from the air can freeze causing ice to form. The rapid melting of this ice can cause accumulating water to leak out of the unit or drain pan. This can be due to cold weather, low refrigerant levels, a refrigerant leak, or a clogged air filter.

Solution: Run the fan alone, facilitating the ice to thaw. Consider installing a thermostat to monitor the outdoor temperature for controlling optimal operating temperatures. Clean the air filter and if it’s too dirty, replace it with a new one.

4) Incorrect Installation
An AC unit must be installed level for water to flow properly into the drain pan and out the drain hole. If installed at an angle, it could affect the gravitational drainage of water causing leaks.

Solution: Use a level to measure the positioning of the unit. If leveling becomes difficult, hire a professional HVAC contractor to do the job correctly.

To recap, a window air conditioner can be an invaluable tool for cooling off during the hotter months, but they have their potential issues. In climates with moderate or cold summers, the purchase of a window unit is a solid investment. If you’re a resident of hotter climates, you may want to consider alternatives like a central air system.

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