Why Should You Avoid Smoking in an Air-Conditioned Room?

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Why Should You Avoid Smoking in an Air-Conditioned Room?
Smoking within an air-cooled space is counterproductive, risking significant financial and health-related consequences. As one smokes in such surroundings, the air-cooling unit will draw in a substantial amount of cigarette remnants present in the smoke, which in turn can impair the effectiveness of your home’s air conditioning system.

Reducing the efficiency of your AC unit, amplifying maintenance costs, and decreasing its usefulness are among the immediate adverse consequences. While conventional AC systems are designed to remove larger smoke elements, they are incapable of filtering out minute smoke particles or gas from secondhand smoke.

Without an effective tool to control the exposure to secondhand smoke, the AC unit fails in its role of air purification. Shockingly, it might even sanction the dispersal of secondary smoke throughout your living space, amplifying the risk of potential health issues.

Research findings suggest that a solitary cigarette could release nicotine particulates ranging from 6 to 18 milligrams – a significant amount considering the size of a cigarette. Given that the role of an AC filter is to restrain unwanted particles from entering and damaging the unit, maintaining its cleanliness is of utmost importance.

Smoking in air-conditioned rooms will necessitate more frequent replacements of these filters. These smoke particles infiltrate not just your respiratory system but also the indoor atmosphere where they blend with microscopic residues like pet dander and dust.

These contaminants are then captured by the AC filter which starts to accumulate substantial dirt, demanding more frequent cleanups or filter replacements. Ignoring this would lead to clogged filters, poor air quality, reduced airflow, and a multitude of troubles for your AC system, compelling it to overwork.

Substandard cooling performance might be one of the early indicators. Over time, clogged filters can lead to malfunctions in the cooling coil or the compressor, requiring either major repairs or replacements. In dire circumstances, it could lead to system overheating and failure with a steep repair price that might touch as high as $4,000.

The American Lung Association states that a single lit cigarette can produce over 7,000 chemicals from about 600 ingredients. Despite the air conditioner’s filtering capability, it wouldn’t successfully capture all of these chemicals. Hence, some chemicals would traverse through, making the air conditioner their next resting point.

Sticky substances such as tar and nicotine are likely to garner dust and stick to them, thereby increasingly fast-tracking the accumulation of dirt within the AC unit and concurrently decreasing the efficacy of the inner components.

The only feasible resolution is consistent and thorough cleaning of the AC unit’s interior parts to optimize its efficiency while curbing the lingering odor of stale smoke.

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How to Get Rid of Cigarette Smell in an Air-conditioned Room
It’s possible that until now, you might have been unaware of the impact of smoking in a room with air conditioning. If you frequent such an environment, it would be beneficial to purify the air to enhance its quality. To eradicate the lingering tobacco smoke in your domicile, you can take these measures.

Incorporate High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) Filters
Up to this point, there is no specific air-conditioning filter designed to combat cigarette smoke. If cessation of your smoking habit is not part of your plans, it is crucial to take steps to lessen the contamination caused by tobacco smoke. You can accomplish this by integrating HEPA filters into your air conditioning system.

HEPA filters have the capability to trap many air contaminants that evade other filter types. They are able to cleanse out a portion, albeit not all, of tobacco pollutants. However, it’s worthwhile noting that these filters are quite expensive and delicate, warranting careful installation. If you’re uncertain about the procedure, it would be ideal to seek the help of an HVAC expert.

Invest in an Air Purifier
Given the toxic nature of cigarette smoke, there is no air purifier capable of fully eradicating the detrimental contaminants from the atmosphere. Nevertheless, it can mitigate the observable smoke and lessen the strong tobacco smell, providing a superficial aid. You might choose to invest in an air purifier equipped with a HEPA filter to boost the filtration efficacy.

Ventilate the Room
Letting fresh air flow in can help to disperse the heavily laden tobacco air, although this is a temporary solution. When fresh air circulates in the room, it displaces the stale air and the pollutants it harbors. Always keep the windows open as much as possible, whilst refraining from running the air conditioner, to avoid unnecessary electricity consumption.

Adopt Houseplants
Addition of houseplants in your room could offer a natural means to purify the air, as they assist in removing tobacco pollutants. NASA performed a study to ascertain plants capable of absorbing air toxins and discovered that philodendron, peace lily, bamboo palm, ficus, and other certain species are highly proficient in filtering out air pollutants.

Regularly Maintain Your Air Conditioning System
Needless to say, regular upkeep of your air conditioning system should be observed, irrespective of whether you smoke in the room or not. This should be performed on a monthly basis, at the very least.

However, if you are a smoker, the air-conditioning unit and air ducts will accumulate more pollutants, necessitating more frequent maintenance. If unable to do so personally, enlisting the services of a licensed HVAC technician would be advisable. A professional technician can also provide guidance on when to change the filter based on the volume of debris gathered.

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Option for Smoking inside an Air-conditioned Room
If bidding goodbye to smoking is on your agenda, and you find solace in the confines of your room or a designated smoke-space, an electronic cigarette might be an excellent step forward. These e-cigarettes supply the necessary nicotine fix, minus the detrimental smoke. Their water vapour output doesn’t permeate surfaces, unlike traditional cigarette smoke. Consequently, your air conditioner’s functioning remains uncompromised and repeated filter replacements become less frequent compared to regular cigarette smoking.

Tobacco smoke, interestingly, acts differently based on the temperature. As it leaves the cigarette, it is heated and thus lighter than the surrounding air, causing it to rise. However, as it begins to cool, it becomes denser than the air and seeks lower levels.

Moreover, technology has provided tools to detect cigarette smoke in your surroundings. Devices such as the Puff Alert cigarette smoke detector utilise cutting-edge photoelectric technology to detect the presence of not just cigarette smoke, but also pipe and cigar smoke. Equipped with alarms, these detectors can alert you through audible signals or the illumination of an LED.

However, it’s crucial to understand the potential fallout of smoking within an air-conditioned room. Besides the detrimental impacts on AC efficiency, it also necessitates frequent maintenance and can inadvertently expose others in the building to harmful secondhand smoke dispersed via the air ducts. The most fail-proof preventive approach is to cease smoking within your residence, or altogether if you’re contemplating that journey.

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