Best Toothpaste for Bad Breath

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How to chose best toothpaste for bad breath
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Good grooming goes beyond appearances, and it has a lot to do with the personal confidence that one has. However, confidence is not only improved by dressing well but also the way your breath is. A person who continually encounters lousy breath is likely to be an introvert because they are not sure of the way their breath is while a person who is confident of their oral hygiene will never shy away from talking or interacting with people. Nonetheless, anyone including people who are conscientious brushers can get the stinky breath as it has less to do with brushing and more to do with personal habits and also the content of the toothpaste you use.

For instance, some of the toothpaste in the market have a high content of sodium lauryl sulfate which only works to create a foamy solution in your mouth but does not help in cleaning or removing bacteria from your mouth in any way. Now the only thing in question is which is the best toothpaste for bad breath? Below is a list of the best toothpaste for bad breath and also a list of things you should consider before making any purchase. Remember that some causes of bad breath such as post nasal drip can’be cured by brushing your teeth, while others such as gum disease bad breath can be prevented by it.

TOP-6 toothpastes for bad breath

Oxyfresh fluoride mint toothpaste

Oxyfresh Toothpaste

As its name suggests, Oxyfresh contains oxygen as one of its contents. Thanks to that, it effectively dissolves any bacterial components which cause bad breath and also the bacteria itself thus helps you have good breath for hours on end. Unlike mint filled toothpaste, it is more long lasting and does not wear off quickly. Moreover, it has one of the lowest abrasion toothpaste in the market and is flavored with natural peppermint extracts and xylitol thus leaving you with a good taste. It can reduce bad smell naturally.

Twin lotus active charcoal toothpaste triple action

Twin Lotus Toothpaste

Part of this toothpaste’s name is triple action and hence not only helps fight bad breath but also protect your teeth against the formation of bacteria and lastly remove and kill bacteria. The primary cause of odorless is bacteria, and the main aim of the twin lotus is to kill and remove bacteria so that acts as an assurance that stinky breath will no longer be your portion but a thing of the past.

Other best toothpastes for bad breath

Colgate Toothpaste

  • Thera breath
  • CloSYS fluoride toothpaste
  • Marvis Jasmin mint toothpaste
  • Most Colgate products

Things to consider


Before any dental product can get to the market, it has to get the approval of the American dental association thus before making any purchase check whether your toothpaste has the seal of this body. If it does, then you can be sure of its quality and also the safety.

Anti-bacterial content

Checking the ADA seal is not enough as most products usually get to the market as long as they are safe and have met specific quality standards. However, there are different categories, and some toothpaste are meant to fight cavities and are therefore not efficient in combatting lousy breath. Thus before you buy consider whether it has anti-bacterial content as such a product will help you keep your breath fresh better than the one without such properties. All our suggestions above have these features, and you can be sure that they are the best kinds of toothpaste for bad breath.

Other ingredients that the best toothpaste for bad breath should have

  1. Fluoride to strengthen your teeth enamel
  2. Abrasives for food debris and stain removal
  3. Flavors to make your brushing experience better
  4. Humectants to smoothen your toothpaste and ensure that it does not dry up while in the tube and thus makes it comfy to brush with

Other ways to get rid of stinky smell part from brushing with the best toothpaste for bad breath

Brushing is not sufficient to get rid of bad breath especially for people with halitosis. There are other methods you can include in your oral hygiene routine to make the toothpaste more effective. Below are things to add to your routine if you want to say goodbye to halitosis

Watch what you eat

If you like eating spicy foods, then chances are you suffer lousy breath continually. Dishes with spices which have a strong essence such as garlic tend to smell until they are digested and out of your system. So if you like spicy food and you cannot do away with it then make sure you brush after each meal and take your mint gum with you because they cause lousy breath.



This is another efficient way to remove food debris from parts that your toothbrush cannot reach. By doing away with the food debris you prevent any chances of bacteria formation, and thus you are not going to have bad breath because the bacteria which form on the food debris are the ones which cause halitosis. So besides brushing, ensure you floss every once in a while.

Other methods

All in all, brushing-up is a great way to get rid of stinky mouth odour as well as alcohol breath. We hope, this article was useful.

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