5 Amazing Tips for Reducing Mouth Smell Naturally

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Bad breath causes
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Halitosis is an embarrassing social problem, and there`s nothing worse than a stinky breath. If you have stinky breath, however, you can overcome those embarrassing moments and spare your friends, family relatives and yourself the unpleasantness by treating the mouth odor naturally.

In this article, we look at the amazing tips for reducing your mouth smell naturally.

Maintaining Oral Hygiene to Reduce Mouth Smell Naturally

The first simple and effective trick to battle bad breath is to keep your mouth clean. You can then thoroughly rinse your mouth after brushing with a good toothpaste and gargle to wash away any food particles that would have been left after eating.

Brushing ensures that you get rid of the food particles and bacteria that would have formed on the lining of your teeth, gums (gum disease bad breath), and tongue. These food particles and bacteria are responsible for your bad breath.

As simple and mundane as it seems, maintaining good oral hygiene can go a long way in ensuring that you have an amazingly fresh breath.

Use Natural Breath Fresheners and Mouthwashes

Natural Breath Freshner

There`re plenty of natural breath fresheners that have been used from time immemorial. Some of the common breath fresheners include lemon rind, cardamom seeds, fennel, and cloves. Most of these fresheners are known to stimulate the production of saliva and ward off the mouth odor without using any chemical products.

Mint leaves, for instance, are great at cutting through the smell and freshening your breath. Fenugreek leaves, on the other hand, is rich with antibacterial properties and can be brewed into your favorite beverage.

Finally, baking soda, which is a common substance in most kitchens is an effective alternative solution to mouthwashes as it can be mixed with water and used to rinse your mouth. Natural cleansers and freshners can help prevent white tongue and bad breath.

Stay Hydrated

Glass of water

Hydration is necessary to prevent bacterial growth. Also, hydration is also crucial for the perfect functioning of the salivary glands. Most bacteria thrive in dry and humid conditions, and therefore moistening your mouth will inhibit the propagation of odor-causing bacteria.

The ideal choice of beverage should be plain water. Always keep with you a bottle of clean water and take sips often. Avoid sugary beverages as the sugar in the drink can provide food for the bacteria. Also, keep away from alcoholic beverages as they tend to exacerbate the condition.

Remember that some illnesses and medicine tend to make your mouth dry, so it`s even more important to drink adequate water, in case you experience dryness in your mouth.

Mind your Diet

Dinner party

Your diet plays an important role in your mouth breath. When it comes to diet, always avoid spicy-rich foods that are laden with garlic, onion or pepper. Similarly, avoid any strong foods, especially the fermented types and fish-smelling foods that have a strong pungent smell.

Such foods can result in an odor that lingers in your mouth palate hours after consuming them.

In the same breath, avoid foods that upset the balance of your gut flora. Common foods known to upset the digestive system include junk food and foods with preservatives and too much sugar. Instead, opt for foods that help in restoring or maintaining a good gut flora such as yogurt.

Finally, pay special attention to fibrous fruits which trigger the production and flow of saliva such as oranges, dark green veggies, whole-grain foods, nuts, and seeds.

Lifestyle Change


If you`re not aware, your lifestyle can have a direct impact on your health and consequently on the state of your mouth odor. For example, some lifestyle practices such as smoking and drinking alcohol can have a considerable impact on your mouth odor.

Similarly, stressful lifestyle can take their toll on your body, resulting in a host of problems including bad breath. Therefore, in addition to quitting smoking and drinking, you should also engage in other energy boosting activities.

Yoga, in particular, offers unique breathing techniques that can help you ward of halitosis.

By the way, there are also lots of ways to avoid bad smell naturally! However, if your problem is a serious one (such as acid reflux and bad breath) than you’d better see your dentist.

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